Health and Wellness Happy Hour Podcast

When it comes to health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition, many of us struggle due to a wide variety of factors. Each week, join Jada Lovick, health coach and registered nurse, and the occasional health and wellness guest expert as they share tips to educate and empower you towards a healthier and higher version of you.

    Health and Wellness Happy Hour Podcast
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Oct 10th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 11:47 pm

In this episode of the podcast, we have our very first guest on the show! Join Linda and I as she educates us on topics such as: our thyroid, the three triggers of autoimmunity, and functional vs conventional medicine.

You can find Linda over at

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Sep 25th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 6:06 pm

Are you sabotaging your success with your mindset?

Find out ways to overcome the negativity and accomplish your goals and dreams in this episode.

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Sep 12th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 5:03 pm

This episode is all about high blood pressure and how it can be impacting you or your loved ones, without you even knowing it. In this episode, we discuss:

-Health threats of hypertension

-How it changed my family's life and can change yours too

-Risk factors 

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Aug 28th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 11:34 pm

Tired of restricting yourself through diets only to end up binge eating? This episode is all about mindful and intuitive eating. Some benefits include:

-reduced binge eating

-weight and emotion management

-smaller portions

-being present and truly appreciating your food.


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Aug 26th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 10:48 pm

People are busier than ever these days! However, we still have to make time for what matters most, our health! This episode goes over 8 tips and tricks to fit exercise into a busy schedule. 


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Aug 19th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 4:25 am

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Aug 19th, 2019 by healthandwellnesshappyhour at 12:55 am

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Happy Hour Podcast! This podcast will give tips and host discussions on all things pertaining to health and wellness- including overall wellness, mindset and goals, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and much more. Thank you for joining us and please subscribe and leave a quick review and rating if you are able to do so. That would truly mean the world to me!